Vendemore Global Account Based Marketing

August 10, 2016
Vendemore’s account-based marketing solutions for complex-selling B2B companies supports both marketing and sales to help land the biggest deals you can’t afford to lose. B2B marketing and sales managers face some difficult challenges. The pressure is on to minimize budget wastage, increase ROI, and find new ways to get through to all of the influencers and decision makers needed to land the big accounts. Traditional methods just aren’t enough anymore. Vendemore provides account-based marketing for complex-selling B2B companies. It’s targeted online advertising to just those key accounts who’s business you’ve trying to get.

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Vendemore: How Fortune 500 Companies Use ABM
Vendemore: How Fortune 500 Companies Use ABM

Vendemore presentation from FlipMyFunnel in San Fransisco 2016. Introduction by Christopher Engman of Vende...